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      M3 Sports Agency was founded in 2019 after many years of practical experience we had got from 1999. Our primary goal is to help sportsmen and sportswomen during their career in sports. Our services allow sportsmen and sportswomen to fully focus on sport and work in their sports career. In addition to our direct involvement in career planning we focus on education and various phases of sports career.



      Sports management

      Long-term career planning

      Fitness training

      Nutritional counselling

      Professional agreements

      Accounting and tax consulting

      We help the young players and their families to prepare optimal conditions for a truly healthy professionals and assist in their personal development. We approach each player individually, we provide support and consulting important for long-term planning of a successful career in sports.





      As a lawyer, I provided comprehensive legal services to professional sportsmen  at my own law office. Between 1999 and 2012, I cooperated with NHLPA-certified agent Allan Walsh as an agent for Slovakia, and I represented players such as Radoslav Suchý, Richard Zedník, Rastislav Pavlikovský, Martin Cibák, Rastislav Staňa, Marián Gáborík, Peter Hamerlík, Milan Jurčina, Tomáš Malec, Tomáš Slovák, Igor Pohanka, Martin Šagát, Vladislav Baláž, Jaroslav Halák, Michal Sersen, Peter Olvecký, Ivan Dornič, Andrej Sekera, Marek Bartanus, Tomáš Marcinko, David Skokan, Juraj Mikuš, Marek Ďaloga etc.
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      “First, I’ll ask you WHY you do it …then I’ll ask you HOW you do it.”
      As a fitness trainer, I helped to prepare Karolína Plíšková, Patrik Schick or Jiří Hudler, Jakub Kindl, Jiří Tlustý, Petr Průcha or Martin Reway. Jakub Klepiš, Vladimír Sobotka, Tomáš Hyka, Dominik Furch, Vladimír Roth, Petr Vrána, Karel Kubát, Jakub Lauko, Jan Rutta, Dominik Simon, David Tomášek, Alexander Salák, UFC fighter Makhmud Muradov,  Oktagon Champion Michal Martínek, actor Jakub Štáfek et al. In September 2012, I brought a boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard to Prague.
      I specialize in preparing top-class sportsmen and sportswomen and clients with heart or pulmonary difficulties. I help with changes to breathing rhythm, including elimination of ineffective breathing stereotypes. In order to achieve maximum possible effect, I use many special aids and accessories such as:
      VO2 Master, Spirotiger, Moxy, EKG, pulse oximeter, Airbike, Wattbike, Exxentric, Tendo and more.
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      “There are no wrong exercises, however, it is important to get the stress load right.”
      I have specialized in the Norwegian Neurac method for 8 years. I diagnose and test movement control carried out by brain using the Redcord suspension system. After completing a precise testing , a targeted exercise with optimal stress load and an individual plan are set up. This can be used to relieve muscular system pain, find causes of recurring sport injuries among sportspeople, estimate the preparedness of a body for the required stress load, and to establish its  performance limits. During my private practice I worked with hockey players such as Vladimír Sobotka, Jiří Hudler, Jan Rutta, Michal Vondrka, Jakub Klepiš, Vladimír Roth, David Tomášek, Dominik Furch, Tomáš Divíšek, and football players such as Matěj Hybš, Ladislav Takács, and Lukáš Pokorný. I participate in preparation of MMA fighter and Octagon champion Michal Martínek and boxer Vladimíř Říha. I have also cooperated with actors Jakub Štáfek and Sara Sandeva for a long time.
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      After ending my professional-hockey-player career and finishing my studies at University of Physical Education and Sports;majoring as a Sports and Stamina Specialist,  I went to “the other side” and became a trainer and mentor of professional sportspeople. I worked as an instructor of gymnastics and general physical development of children in a prestigious private company, where I worked for seven years with hundreds of children from their early age. I work with professional sportsmen and sportswomen individually: we work together to improve their physical abilities that are essential for their career.
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      A talented sportsman who strived to achieve success in hockey had an unfortunate accident during his career and is now on a wheelchair. Petr is a member of our team and focuses on organization and communication with  sportspeople.
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      Radana Mokrycki

      “The prerequisite for the champion is desire and passion.”
      Base on many years of experience in representing clients in the field of wealth management, I provide a complete background for tennis area and sports management.
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      “The difference between who you are and who you want to be is in what you do.”
      As a former NHL / KHL hockey player, I know from my own experience that excellent skating and hockey skills are a determining factor which will create time and space for a hockey player to become an outstanding player. I work as a skating and skill coach at Pavlikovsky Hockey School. In summer, as a personal trainer, I help in preparation for NHL players including Zdeno Chára, Tomáš Tatár and others.

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